“It’s Not That Hard”

28 Mar

I think this title is so appropriate for my first blog from the Run Across America.  I thank Eric Opdyke for these words of wisdom.  We stood in a circle, holding hands and sharing our daily inspiration.  This is a tradition the UCF has carried over from a 10-year-old tradition from 4K for Cancer.  We went around and shared words.  I shared and introduction to the group of Meg Shipman.  Meg will be flying in on Thursday to run with the team.  Unfortunately I will not be here to make the in-person proper introduction, so I tried.  Meg is a Survivor/Fighter in every sense of the words.  I know she will leave a lasting impression on the team and inspire them to continue this journey with strength and determination as she has in her cancer battle.  I will be asking Meg to blog and share her Run Across America experience with you all.

It was Eric’s turn and he chimed in…..”there were many times out there where I was hot and tired and my legs did not feel so good.  I thought of those who were going through treatment and realize that this pales in comparison” and he marched on.  Those words brought a tear to my eye because this is NOT easy, but Eric gets it and it sums up many of the comments throughout the days.  Nobody has complained and everyone is such a trooper.  I am very sad that I will be leaving for a few days tomorrow.  I feel I am letting my team down and leaving them hanging.  I will be praying for them and will be with them in spirit as they march on.


I am getting ready to run tonight and I am anticipating a very emotional 8 hours.  A very special person is on my team.  Harmony Davis is someone I met a few months ago when she reached out to the group through and introduction from a local blogger. She is from Pullman, WA and her husband Ryan was just diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in October.  She, Ryan and their 3 boys have been a high-octane boost for me on many occasions thus far.  There faith and spirit are amazing and I am so honored to be able to share this time with Harmony.  So tonight/tomorrow morning I will run further than I have the last 3 legs in honor of Ryan and his courageous fight that has left him with a titanium leg and you know what????

This is Not that hard!!!!  We Run!

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