From MD to CA

25 Mar

When I found out that I needed to drive one of the RV support vehicles from MD to CA, needless to say I wasn’t all that happy!  BUT, it did give me some more time to think about this RUN and the people who were taking part in it.

We left from MD on Tuesday and started our journey which we thought would be 4 days.  Now those of you that know me, I tend to leave some wiggle room so I won’t be late.  So….. Luckily I was able to persuade my good friend Kevin, aka Spurdogg, to some with me to share the “experience”.  Little did I know he was basically going to watch me drive and entertain me.  See..I have control issues so of course I drove the entire trip minus about 3 hours somewhere in Oklahoma.

The trip was pretty uneventful and we soon began to discuss how this RV was not too bad for two adults.  The challenge now was how the hell were they able to say it sleeps 7?  Yeah Right!  I guess we will worry about that when the time comes and that will be tonight!  So for 3 days I got to bust Spurriers chops and tried to help him realize that he spent the entire time in the RV on some type of electronic device (Phone, Ipod, Laptop).  I think he needs help.  He also mentioned that he really didn’t tell anyone he was going on the trip and again, I called him out because he spent the next 3 days calling everyone and telling them what he was doing.

So entertaining to listen to his story telling as he explained to the dozens of people that he called about what we were doing.  Good stuff.

Here are a few pics of the places we passed along the way.  I say passed, because I was NOT stopping to sight see even though I had a continuous bird in my ear chirping about what great things we could see if we just drove a few hours out-of-the-way.  NOPE, remember I am on a “schedule”!  🙂

Flagstaff                                           Mojave Desert                                       Somewhere in CA

Sunset in Tennessee                          Windmills in New Mexico

So, 2700 miles, a few RV parks, and a Walmart parking lot we land in San Diego to get this thing rolling.  I am really looking forward to this experience.  As the team starts to roll in, I am so thankful for their excitement and dedication to be a part of this journey.  It will truly be special and something that we will likely never forget, but most of all we will be spreading awareness about some of the issues that young adults face when diagnosed with cancer.  Everyone on the team realizes this and I look forward to sharing UCF’s mission as we run across the USA!  GAME ON!

Laura and Chris freezing their feet off and Sharpie wondering what the hell she agreed to!






Oceanside, CA pier

This is where it will all start at Midnight!


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